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    This course, once completed, will allow you to receive the State required certificate to obtain your concealed weapon or firearm license.  Must be a US citizen or permanent resident, and must be legally able to purchase and own a firearm.  However, firearm ownership is not required.

    Equipment including ammunition will be provided.  NRA membership is not required, this is not a NRA-approved course, this is a CCW course built to get shooters on a good path to become responsible armed citizens. This is a 4 - 6 hour course, first half of the course is held at our Altamonte Springs location (185 S. Westmonte Drive, Ste. 1212 Altamonte Springs FL 32714), second half will be at one of the outdoor/indoor shooting ranges used by TGT.  As per State Law participants must show proficiency and safe handling with a firearm (will be using a full size 9mm pistol).

    After successfully completing the course, we will make or help you make an appointment with the Florida Department of Agriculture to complete the process and get your license within a few weeks, could take up to 90 days by law.  We offer two (2) different courses, please, ask about.  The Florida Department of Agriculture will do the fingerprint and photo at their location (1707 Orlando Central Parkway Ste. 150 Orlando FL 32809) for $97, or the Seminole Tax Collector in Lake Mary, FL (766 N Sun Drive, Suite 2090)

    Register at our Altamonte Springs location, or call the Store at (407-543-8249). Email:                    



      Introduction to Defensive Pistol Usage (IDPU) is a course designed to teach the fundamentals of defensive pistol handling and shooting.  Courses are in two-hour increments, we establish where your skill set is at and build it up over time. This is a continuous training program, a two (2) hour course that is tailored to you.  We will work with your schedule to fit you into class groups or times that work best for you, courses are held 6 days a week, and can be taken as often as you like.  Classes will be sized to enable one on one assistance, four (4) people a class is preferred. This course starts with gross motor skills grip, stance, movement, and holster work. As your skills progress, we will help you develop and refine techniques such as muzzle and trigger control, drawing your handgun from a concealed position, shooting from cover, moving with a drawn firearm, and the further development of fine motor skills to increase accuracy. As the course progresses, we will help you find the methods of concealed carry that works best for you.  

 Live fire courses will require extra time for travel to one of the outdoor ranges used in this course. 

Participants must be legally able to possess a firearm to qualify, however firearm ownership is not required, ages 18 to 21 are welcome, persons under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  (IDPU) course is $80 for each two (2) hour class, extra ammo will be available for purchase. PARTICIPANTS MUST BRING AT LEAST 100 ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION  

 Register for our IDPU course at our Altamonte Springs location, or call the store at (407-543-8249). Email:


     TGT offers private firearm training for people looking for one on one instruction on the use and operation of a firearm. Private lessons are tailored to the individual needs of the participant(s), LEO or armed G class Security Officers are welcome.  While not intended to serve as the basis for certain licenses or certifications, this class is taught by NRA Certified Instructors, however this is not an NRA-approved course.

    Group lessons and events are available, including team building and shooting experience events, please allow at least two weeks for setup and scheduling. Contact us to set up events.  

    Register for FIREARMS 101 at our Altamonte Springs location, or call the Store at (407-543-8249). Email:                          


Tower Guns and Training also offers the following NRA approved courses. 

  • NRA Basics of pistol shooting

  • NRA Defensive Pistol Course

  • NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home

  • NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

  • NRA Refuse to be a Victim(non firearm course)

Please call the store, or contact Gunnar at 407 234 9668 to plan courses. NRA courses must be scheduled at least three(3) weeks in advanced to allow for materials and set up.  





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Tower Guns and Training is not a big box store.  Locally owned and operated by friendly knowledgeable staff.  We buy, sell, trade and consign firearms, with ammunition and accessories available in the store.  Tower Guns and Training has the training courses needed to be a responsibly armed citizen with certified instructors teaching a variety of courses.  At Tower Guns and Training we look for new friends not just new customers, we hope to establish long term relationships, be it with new shooters or experienced we have the training programs to learn new, or advance your skills with firearms.  We will try to work with your schedule. We know your time is valuable, call us and set up a time best for you.  For cost estimates, call first if you want but we can not evaluate price over the phone, same goes for selling us your firearm.  Come in and browse our many affordable new and used firearms.



In order to give you the the attention that you deserve, we are only accepting  appointments.  Please, call us (407) 543-8249 to make your appointment.



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